NCCMC Enrollment Form

Dear Prospective National Consortium Member,

The purpose of this letter is to affirm the participation of my institution in the National Consortium on College Men of Color (NCCMC). I understand that NCCMC is designed for community colleges and four-year institutions that are interested in sharing their efforts and learning about new strategies for enhancing the success of men of color. Our college is currently engaged (or planning) efforts to improve the success of historically underrepresented and underserved students, including men of color. As such, we are interested in the support the consortium can provide through the following:

  • Monthly webinars - free to members
  • Information sharing sessions - free to members
  • Male Program Assessment for College Excellence (MPACE) - free to members
  • Community College Student Success Inventory (CCSSI) - free to members
  • Annual convening - Discounted rate
  • Institutional Assessment Package (IAP) - 10% discount

Our college is committed to the fulfillment of the requirements for participating in the consortium, including:

  • Broadcasting webinars and information sharing sessions to educators at our institution,
  • Sending at least one delegate each year to attend the annual working group meeting, and
  • Distributing a press release acknowledging membership in the NCCMC.

Please accept this letter as recognition of our participation in the consortium. We understand that our membership will commence upon submission of this form. Moreover, our institution reserves the right to withdraw our participation in the consortium at any time through written correspondence.